We are back

We are back

After a period of absence we are back and accepting new orders!
The shop and webpage has been moved to a new provider - hopefully providing a nicer, more streamlined experience.

It was also a very busy period in the Werkroom™ - new printers, new technologies, new models and prototypes; pushing the envelope of pro-consumer 3D printing and the available solution to it's limit.

As a result of experimenting, we are now also offering a high-fidelity prints done on FDM printers in the Thermoplastic filaments.

In the past for those prints I have provided these models in resin; after a bit of experimenting and tweaking I have managed to get the similar, if not the same, level of fidelity on a FDM printers - this yields comparable level of fidelity while at the same time having lighter and more robust parts. Some of the parts are then also treated in an Acetone Vapour bath to provide an even nicer and smoother finish.

Now because the prints are done with 0.05mm layer height and 0.1mm nozzle they do take ages; as such compared to the resin, the prints are priced at a bit of a premium. However I believe the added strength and lower weight (on average 30-40%) is definitely worth it.

I have also decided to provide STL file packages as downloads for purchase.
Those are provided as they are - optimal printing parameters/tech is up to the user. Those are for personal use only (please check the T&C's)

Welcome back!




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